Provider Nominations

What would you do without your child care provider? The past few years have definitely taught us just how important they are! Below is the incredible feedback families provided about their providers:

Susan Gray, A Bug in a Rug (Port Orchard)

“She has taught my daughter her numbers, letters and loves her just as I do. She is flexible with her schedules and has fun parties for the kids. We are so grateful for help.”

Better Beginnings Day Care (Olympia)

“She is AWESOME!!! She is absolutely wonderful with my daughter (and all of the kids!) and I don’t know what we would do without her! My daughter will be starting kindergarten in the fall and we will be so very sad to not see Val every day. But we will absolutely stay in touch, she is SO much more than just a childcare provider. She has helped raise my daughter and has instilled so many valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. She is family <3”

“At the end of 2021, we lost our child care due to the in-home daycare closing down. After many emotional phone calls to different daycare centers (that were too expensive for our family’s budget) and a few “no’s” from other in-home daycares, I got a referral to call Valerie. Valerie saved our bacon! Our 3-year-old is thriving at Valerie’s and are so thankful for her!”

“We are so thankful for Valerie. We know our son is happy, healthy and safe with her.”

“My daughter has been under the care of Valerie since she was 2 months old and this coming Fall, she will be leaving as she enters Kindergarten. Valerie has provided a safe, loving environment at all times. She has treated my daughter as her own and I am beyond lucky that I found her to care for my little girl, when I did. She couldn’t be in better hands and I will continue to recommend her to many acquaintances that need care. I always share that I am happy with the care she has provided from day 1. To have Valerie being my daughter’s home away from home, while I attend work, I am blessed.”

Building Stars Preschool (Tumwater)

“I appreciate that destiny always makes her class interactive. I always sending home fun crafts and keeps the kids involved in a diverse learning environment.”

Bundle of Joy Childcare (Aberdeen)

“Chrissy goes beyond what you think a provider does for the child but also for the parents. She helped my daughter make leaps since she started there. I wish my daughter could stay longer.”

Cadence Academy Preschool (Lacey)

“Every single staff greets me and my children personally every single day, including the director and assistant director at the lobby. They have taken care to make the center beautiful, comfortable, and a great space for learning. The staff seem to be well supported by each other and many have been there for years, making it a career. I can tell that my children’s teachers enjoy being part of my children’s lives, and I am so grateful that they weathered the pandemic with us. They’re in great communication with us and celebrate our children’s big and small moments. I am so grateful to them!”

“Aarika Merriman has worked so hard to ensure her school meets our company brand promise, provides exceptional care to all families and children. Even during the hard times, she does an amazing job of keeping her staff moral up and keeping them motivated. She overall is an amazing manager and has such a deep care for the children in her care. Her staff and school are an immediate reflection of her hard work.”

Capitol Campus Child Care Center (Olympia)

“I appreciate the quality care they provide to both our children over the last three years. What makes them special is their focus on engaged staff that give exceptional care and build friendships with the students.”

Casa Montessori (Bremerton)

“The teachers are amazing! They go above an beyond to make sure my kids feel loved and safe and are learning every day. My kids are always excited to arrive and happy to tell me all about their day. The communication and education program are impressive and they make learning and every day fun!”

Central Valley Child Care: Child Care Center (Silverdale)

“They have been the most welcoming and caring center we have ever used. They care so much for our child and do everything they can to benefit him.”

“Central Valley Childcare Center goes the extra mile to nurture children. My daughter feels safe, included, and loves to learn. She is so excited to go to school each day, she has just bloomed since she started attending school. I am so thankful for all the teachers!”

“Very kind, attentive, supportive, and professional staff and programs”

Champions at Cottonwood (Bremerton)

“They’re so warm and welcoming! I love having my child at this facility!”

“They provide both of my children with a kind and welcoming environment. Everyone feels like family and makes my children feel loved.”

“My daughter has never been around other people other than a couple family members and new to the state so only around her parents and once she gets inside she goes straight to them.”

“Everyone cares so much and is so willing to make your child feel right at home! I know my child is safe and cared for.”

“I appreciate the text reminders for supplies and fun events with photos for parents.”

“My son enjoys coming here everyday! We’ve seen so much growth in him. Thank you teachers!”

Champions at Emerald Heights (Silverdale)

“I love that they try to meet kids where they are. My daughter is getting challenged with more difficult tasks and they are helping her to always look for the next task to master.”

“Champions has helped advocate for my son. They have helped him grow significantly both in his academic skills and social skills. My son loves coming to school because they take the time to foster his love of learning and importance of education!”

ECEAP Shelton Early Learning Center (Shelton)

“Amazing people good program.”

Emmanuel Lutheran Child Care (Bremerton)

“This provider provides a loving caring and nurturing environment not only for the children that attend but also for their families.”

“They are very personable and courteous. The staff is amazing. My children enjoyed going there they have a lot of fun. They have a great hours.”

“They have been so helpful when I have had major life events, they have supported me and my kids. They have also given me help when my financial situation wasn’t able to completely pay so that my kids could stay.”

“The staff treats everyone that comes into the center like family and that is why I am nominating them.”

“My son used to attend this center and they are amazing and very family oriented”

“Family oriented and go above and beyond expectations for child care provided”

“Both my grandsons, and my granddaughters have all attended here and they absolutely just love it there.”

“My nephews and my nieces both attended this childcare and the love that they showed my family was indescribable. I can’t say anything more.”

“Their loving care and kindness for my child.”

“The childcare not only teaches, and watches children, they welcome and love these children. My kids had a whole new family there because the teachers were invested in my children and their future. I appreciate the love they put into their job, and into my children! It’s not just a “job” to them! And that is what all child care providers “should” be like. Unfortunately you don’t see it everywhere. But here you do.”

“They are great at what they do, the only daycare I trust with my child. My family and I also went to this daycare when we were younger and it was a fun experience.”

“I appreciate this center because everyone who works there has a different background and they share all their love with my child in their own different ways. They play and joke with them and they make him feel like family.”

Green Gables Montessori (Silverdale)

“I appreciate Green Gables Montessori for their loving and engaging interactions with children. They are consistently sharing photographs and information about my child, and their welcoming environment feels like a second home. The staff members are enthusiastic about my child’s development, and they wholeheartedly share our interest in our child’s growth. I am so thankful to be a for Green Gables Montessori.”

“They are warm, caring, and truly feel like an extension of our family in helping us raise our child! I feel very secure in their program and their curriculum and all that it is teaching.”

“Wonderful, amazing teachers who take the time with the children and show care and compassion.”

“Our 4 year old daughter has thrived immensely for the year she has been enrolled in this wonderful school. The staff is very attentive to the needs of the students, as well as the families and leadership is extremely flexible, striving to accommodate and address any concerns presented. Teachers truly understand the value of buildings meaningful relationships with the children and families, while striking a reasonable balance that leaves room for home teaching and discipline.”

“I am nominating Green Gables Montessori because the staff works hard each and every day to ensure the success of their kids. The staff there works collaboratively to reach the needs of each child as a person. I feel the tenure of the staff members contributes to their success and their willingness to communicate with parents almost daily to to find out what’s best for the child. It is important to me that the child care providers and parents work together as a team and Green Gables does an outstanding job of this.”

“Our daughters have attended for over a year, and it has been amazing. The teachers are so kind and helpful, the facility is great, our children have thrived there. Some days they cry because they want to stay at school, or they ask over the weekend if they have school today.”

“They are so loving and caring! My daughter LOVES her teachers!”

“They are incredible, they take extra care to foster growth in every child. All children are seen, loved, and safe.”

“We love this school and its teachers! They are always responsive to the children’s needs and are always working towards partnering with parents – especially when there were a lot of uncertainty surrounding pandemic restrictions. They take care of their staff who in turn take care of the kids well. I look forward to their monthly newsletters for updates and friendly advice on how to extend Montessori learning at home. We are very fortunate to have their school in the community.”

“I’m soooo lucky to have Green Gables for my children. They have an incredible ability to show care, guidance, and education for my kids. I feel like kids have loving aunts not care givers.”

“Both of my children have thrived there. Green Gables is nurturing, responsive, and gives my child an incredible experience and positive start to school. I am so appreciative of all they do.”

“They have helped my son develop more independence, gain skills and confidence, and we love sending him there.”

“She is very loving and fun. My daughter appreciates her so much.”

Horizons Learning Center (Lacey)

“Our center does an excellent job teaching my kiddos. They are very involved and keep things fun. I know my kids are in great hands each day.”

“She’s very attentive, hands on in such a gentle way and truly cares about all the kiddos! Plus my son asks about her when he’s home in a positive manner so he obviously cares about her too!”

Joyful Kids Daycare (Rochester)

“Amazing provider”

Kitsap Childcare & Preschool (Bremerton)

“Miss Heather is very nurturing and caring with all her students. She really takes the time to let them know they are safe and she’s there for them. I appreciate her excellent communication skills with the parents as well. She makes us feel like we are a team.”

“The staff and teachers at Kitsap Childcare and Preschool (KCCP) are incredibly hardworking and are dedicated to providing quality care for the children in our community. During the last increase in covid cases in our area, KCCP provided a survey to better understand the needs of parents and guardians and matters regarding center policies. KCCP took survey results into account and responded with real time updates on what was best for our children as well as the well-being of their staff. KCCP has been transparent and continue to provide excellent communication regarding all matters at the center. The teachers are genuinely invested in providing an inviting and stimulating learning environment for our children. My son will begin kindergarten this coming fall and the teachers and staff at KCCP have provided excellent resources and support to prepare the class for the next step in primary education. My son has improved his communication skills, has an excellent understanding of numbers, counting and simple addition and has begun to read words. I nominate KCCP because they deserve recognition for the positive impact they have had on our community and for their ongoing efforts to invest in the success of our children.”

“They’ve been such an important part in nurturing my daughter’s love and development. She has the sweetest manners and has grown so much over the past few years. They constantly provide her love and support throughout her development.”

“My son loves Mrs. Danielle so much. She takes care of all of the kids in her classroom, and just in the daycare in general with such tenderness and warmth. She is one of the most patient people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She takes great care in making sure each child’s cognitive, emotional, and social needs are cared for. She gets to know each child and family personally. She encourages them to love themselves and each other for their individuality. Mrs. Danielle sends home pictures and messages daily and that just makes me feel so incredibly comforted that my son is in her care when I have to work. This year I have become a single parent, and she has been there for me and for my son, which means so much. She is an absolutely amazing provider and we are so grateful for Mrs. Danielle. :)”

MCM Family Home Child Care (Port Orchard)

“Marlyn cares for children as if they are her own. Not a day would go by that my daughter would be talking about how much fun she had at Marlyn’s, or how she learned xyz. She already came home with a smile on her face and I always felt at ease leaving my daughter in her care, she’s awesome!”

“I appreciate everything about Marlyn! She’s so kind, patient and understanding, not just with the kids, but with us parents. I’m so grateful for Marlyn and family.”

Our Club for Kids LLC (Belfair)

“Her heart and love for kids is endless.”

Puddle Jumpers Child Care, Debra Walter (Olympia)

“My 4 year old has cried when he realized it was a Saturday and there was no “school” at Puddle Jumpers that day. Puddle Jumpers is the center of our universe and Teacher Deb is our guiding star.”

“Deb is the most incredible caregiver. Every day she posts pictures and a description of what she has done with the kids, what she is learning, and how she manages conflict, big feelings, learning and development, and community building. In this way, parents get to know about the wonderful experience their children are having, but more importantly I get to learn how to be a better parent by observing the way Deb interacts with our children. I have learned SO much from her that I can’t list it all here. I have learned how to raise capable and confident children, how to let the child lead and be curious about their experiences, how to help develop empathy and kindness as they navigate their world. Sending my kids to spend their days with Deb doesn’t just feel like it meets a childcare need, instead it feels like their lives are greatly enriched and they are having the best help possible at becoming the kids we hope they will be. Deb is helping me to raise my kids, through play and community and love beyond what I could have asked for our known was pickle in a daycare. Three cheers for Deb!”

“Deb has been amazing at helping our son transition from home to daycare. We are so impressed with all the little tricks that she has to make kids feel loved and cared about even when their parents are not nearby. I am also impressed with the “big kids” in the group, you can see that they are good kids that help the little ones and have so much love and respect for Deb. Deb has built something beautiful that we are happy to be a part of.”

“Deb is extremely caring and does a wonderful job cultivating good relationships and nurturing her kids. She’s worked wonders with my son who adores her and she’s loved by all her families. We have seen so many care providers, but nobody comes close to forming a bond with children and proliferating kindness.”

Serendipity Children’s Center on Mottman (Tumwater)

“They are kind, caring, adventurous and my children love them. Without them I don’t know that I would’ve been able to keep working during this pandemic. I truly appreciate how they treat my child as a family member and we can’t imagine a better place for our kids to grow up and be supported.”

Squaxin Island Child Development Center (Shelton)

“I am nominating them because they go above and beyond for the children in their care.”

“The staff is all very friendly and really pitch in when needed! The teachers are amazing with the kiddos. I love everything about this place.”

“For always loving and protecting my baby!!!”

Sunflower Daycare (Shelton)

“She’s always there when we need her. She’s very caring, she teaches the kids. Even Home schools them when Covid closed the schools. She’s someone we can always count on and she talked to my child & plays with him and doesn’t treat him like a little kid. She’s got a big heart and defends her daycare family to the end. And she’s a great counselor! She’s the best!!”

“This is the best place for my children to learn and grow. This is a loving environment, educational and professional.. My students learn so much here and this provider is excellent and caring.”

“This incredible woman has cared for not only my children, but my sister and myself as well. She pours her heart and soul into caring for her children.”

“Kim is always going above and beyond for her children in her care and their parents! I have enjoyed her caring for my children and grandchildren from 2006 until 2022!! She helps them learn and thrive and we love her so much!”

Sylvan Way Baptist Church Early Learning Center (Bremerton)

“I love the teachers and so does my daughter.”

Treetop Village Early Learning Center (Bremerton)

“Great infant and toddler care. My child loves his teachers and his development has been progressive and consistent during his time there.”

“They love my kiddos and help support them every step of the way!”

“I am nominating this child care center because I noticed that they are responsible and respectful to the other parents and family’s who have children in the child care facility. When something happens they are prepared for anything that comes their way. They care for each child with whatever needs that they have. Personally I have autism and they treat me with respect and are understanding of the need’s that need to be met for me. I don’t have any problems with any of the staff that work there and I am grateful for all of them.”

“Great infant and toddler care. My child loves his teachers and his development has been progressive and consistent during his time there.”

We Care Daycare by Melissa Pooler (Westport)

“Melissa consistently shows love and compassion for all her children. they come away from her care with a true sense of who they are and what they want to become. they are taught manners along with education. she has done this so long that children she had in the past are now bringing their children to her. she gives them a warm and loving environment and builds their confidence.”

Wee Love Learning Early Learning Center (Olympia)

“I had my first baby this last May and was really apprehensive about starting daycare and going back to work. The employees there all learned my sons name and go above and beyond! Every day I can see what “lesson plan” they have for the infants and my son is excited each morning when I take him. Having a place where I know he is safe is the biggest blessing!”

“My children have been going to this childcare for years and they love it. Staff are so kind…”

“I feel like I have gained a new family at wee love learning. The patience and care that all of the staff show is amazing. Ms. Maila always goes above and beyond. My son has learned so much and has grown into a smart intelligent boy because of her. I love wee love learning.”

Wunderland Child Care Centers

“They have 5 centers and are hardworking ladies , teaching our littles. Open all pandemic.”

“Jenn has consistently gone above and beyond when it comes to ensuring the safety, security and care of all 4 of my children. She has taken steps necessary to confidently learn and implement procedures to manage the care of my medically complicated, type 1 diabetic child as well as my children without significant medical conditions. My children love attending Wunderland and their feelings are directly caused by the loving, kind and diligent care provided by Jenn. My husband and myself will always be grateful for her.”

“This provider has always gone above and beyond to protect the children entrusted to them by the families of this community. The staff are always friendly and talk with parents about any concerns. I have trusted Wunderland with all 3 of my children since 2000 when my first born was 6 weeks old.”