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Olympia Office

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Monday-Friday8:30 - 4:30

Staff Directory

To reach a specific staff member, call our business line at 360-786-8907 and use the extensions below.

Administrative Staff

Executive Director, Gary Burris: 206.877.3672,

Director of Finance and Operations, Brian Cole: ext. 140,

Development and Communications Manager, Alison Ponder: ext. 102, 

Office Administrator, Allison Woody: ext. 112,

Program Staff

Professional Development Administrator, Connie Dougherty: x108,

Early Learning Training Coordinator, Susan Burnham: 360.742.6461,

State Wide Trainer, Kim Mather-Schopen:

Early Learning Consultant / Infant Toddler Coach / STARS Trainer, Heidi DeVries: x109,

Business & Leadership Coach/Trainer, Natalie Chavez: 360.591.5294,

Early Learning Consultant / Infant Toddler Coach / STARS Trainer, Rose Tiller: x142,

Early Learning Consultant / Infant Toddler Coach / STARS Trainer, Ollie Feldman:

Family Services Program Manager, Tovi McClellan: 360.742.7267,

Parents As Teachers Parent Educator/Home Visitor, Dominga Antonio-Nolasco: 360.515.6200,

Parents As Teachers Parent Educator/Home Visitor, Andrea Antonio-Nolasco:

Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Group Facilitator, Patricia Granison: 360.890.0673,,

Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Group/Raising A Reader Facilitator, Jess Merritt: 360.742.7267,,

Raising A Reader Program Coordinator, Melissa Sampson: x146 or 360.522.3189,

Safe Kids Program Manager, Danielle King: x107,

Provider Services Coordinator/Crisis Nursery, Nancy Hobson: x100,


ECEAP Administrator, Beth Schilling, 360.742.4352,

ECEAP Center Coordinator, Larissa Johnson, 360.426.2898,

ECEAP Center Coordinator, Tifani Keith, 360.412.4893,

Early Achievers Staff

Early Achievers Regional Coordinator, Kristin Gomez: 360.731.5701,

Early Achievers Consultation Manager,  Lee Ann Bryant: 360.591.2673,

Early Achievers Consultation Manager, Heidi Scott: 360.731.3656,

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, Amalia Baker: 360.775.5745,

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, Vanessa Diaz: 360.742.6224,

Early Achievers Early Learning Consultants

Beverly Barker: 360.999.9881,

Jessica Beckett: 360.406.0560,

Amanda Coleman,

Yvette Dear: 360.731.7178,

Nattie Diaz: 360.460.9891,

Sandy Kelley: 360.810.0461,

Shelly Knight, 360.878.4397,

Emily Long: 360.460.9891,

Melinda Luark: 360.470.0137,

Tracy Mitchell: 360.689.4980,

Alissa Murphy, 360.979.3212,

Lei Pedro: 360.790.5392,

Kerry Sanders: 360.742.4081,