What is a traffic garden?

Children need a safe environment to learn and practice safe biking and walking skills. A traffic garden is a small version of various roadways set up in a closed off street, school yard, or other secure area. The garden provides an environment for children to safely practice the rules of the road, free from motorized vehicles.

The power of traffic gardens

  • Reduce pedestrian injury and injury-related death
  • Well-educate young pedestrians become conscious drivers
  • Evidenced-based behavior adaptation and retention


Why mobile?

Setting up a traffic garden from scratch is a village effort. We take on the majority of the burden so that when you reserve the Mobile Traffic Garden, we can simply roll up to the event and roll out our prepped and prepared traffic garden.

What we provide

  • Indoor traffic garden landscape
  • Outdoor traffic garden landscape
  • Structured traffic scenarios and lessons
  • Printed learning materials

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Reserve the traffic garden

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