A young Asian daycare worker sits on the floor with two young babies on her lap. She has a story book open in front of them and is reading to them. Other babies are playing on the floor around them.

Infant and Toddler Consultation (Birth to 3 Quality Initiatives)

The Child Care Action Council is funded by DCYF to support Early Achievers sites that accept infants and toddlers on WCCC subsidy in Grays Harbor, Lewis, north Mason, Pacific, and Thurston counties. Consultation is available free of charge to infant and/or toddler teachers in areas such as:

  • Mental health support: Help for caregivers dealing with challenging behavior or special needs in infants and toddlers
  • Developmental screening: Support for programs wanting to use the Ages and Stage Questionnaires for all children in care or just one infant or toddler
  • Interactions: One-on-one FIND coaching focusing on the positive exchanges that occur between children and teachers and how they support children’s growth
  • Environments: Support with any issues pertaining to infant or toddler environments, offered as a pre-cursor to interactions (FIND) coaching

If your child care facility is interested in support with infants or toddlers, please contact your Early Achievers coach and ask them to refer you for services. For questions about infant toddler services, contact Heidi DeVries at 360-972-4783 or email to heidi.devries@ccacwa.org.

Resources for Infant Toddler Caregivers

“Baby Talk” newsletters with a link to subscribe (NC Early Childhood Foundation)

“Serve and return” with infants and toddlers (The Harvard Center for the Developing Child)

“Back Pack Connection” tip sheets for childcare providers and families