Professional Development Training Academy

Our Professional Development Academy offers a wide variety of STARS classes for early childhood educators. Our classes are: 

  • Taught by MERIT-approved early learning experts who understand your work.
  • Designed to support your success in Early Achievers.
  • Supported with follow-up coaching, as appropriate and needed. 
  • Written to allow you to interact and share with other people who do what you do.
  • Reimbursed through MERIT, for those with a MERIT account.

Classes are currently held virtually via Zoom. Click to view a calendar of our scheduled classes.

Customized Training for Centers

CCAC offers customized classes for center directors who want to provide a class for an entire staff. Customized classes for centers:

  • Are based on a center’s current needs and goals.
  • Provide an entire staff with the same foundation of knowledge.
  • Are fully aligned with Early Achievers.
  • Are offered in collaboration with Early Achievers coaches, who can reinforce learning.
  • Can be very affordable: About $100 per hour, regardless of group size. Talk to CCAC about ways to reduce the cost by partnering with another center or by opening your class to child care providers in the community. 

Customized training must be scheduled by the following deadlines:

  • By Aug. 20 for Oct.-Dec. classes
  • By Nov. 18 for Jan.-Mar. classes
  • By Feb. 17 for Apr.-June classes
  • By May 23 for July-Sept. classes

For more information on customized training, call Heidi DeVries at 360-972-4783.

MERIT Reimbursement

Did you know that DCYF offers reimbursement for state-approved training costs for professionals currently employed in a licensed facility? You may apply for a training reimbursement once per DCYF fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) for up to $250, while funding is available. Our classes are MERIT-approved and qualify for reimbursement.

To learn more about how to apply for reimbursement through your MERIT record, visit the DCYF website page found here and scroll down to “Training Reimbursement” near the bottom of the page.