BLOCK Fest is an interactive exhibit that individuals or groups can reserve through Child Care Action Council to create their own special event.  It is a proven tool which provides families with young children under the age of 8 with a rich, hands-on math and science learning opportunity.   

  • BLOCK Fest Matters: The exhibit has been shown to increase parent knowledge of early development in the areas of math and science education and increase social skills and literacy for young children.
  • Internationally Recognized: The importance of young children developing basic abilities in literacy and numeracy in the early years is recognized globally.  International research has found that the majority of children who leave the early years unable to read, write or perform basic mathematical operations find it difficult to progress in later years.  School systems worldwide are working to improve children’s learning in these areas and BLOCK Fest offers the opportunity for parents to help their children become math and science thinkers.
  • Research and Resources: The content and organization of BLOCK Fest was developed after months of research. BLOCK Fest Parent Resources

The Child Care Action Council invites you to host a BLOCK Fest event for your community.

To learn more about how to host an event email:

Consider these questions before completing the site request form.

  • How many families will attend?
  • How many sessions or days will you reserve equipment for?
  • Have you hosted an event before?  If not, training is required.  You will also need to train volunteers.
  • Will you want to reserve a van?  Materials fit in a passenger van with the back seats removed.