A Shout Out to Child Care Providers

Child Care Action Council has been receiving nominations for Child Care Providers who have made an impact on the lives of children in their care. In honor of Child Care Provider Appreciation Day (May 8th), listed below are the nominations of providers who nurture, teach, and care for children that they serve.

Alex “AJ” Boede, Kitsap County

For being there for our kid and other families so all essential people can feel safe that they have taken every precaution to keep them safe and healthy so that we can care and provide services to people in need.

Bundle of Joy, Grays Harbor County
Crissy Reeson

  • Because my daughter favorite part of her day is hanging out with “Granny” aka Chrissy! And it’s her favorite part I k ow she is amazing and goes above and beyond. It feels like a family at her center, this must be why my 3-year-old calls her Granny…. ❤️
  • I’m nominating Crissy because my daughter, who is 4, thoroughly enjoyed Crissy’s program. She’s warm and welcoming and she is great with the children and their families. My daughter learned many skills with Crissy like social skills, academics and most importantly, she was safe and well cared for while attending Crissy’s program. We highly recommend Crissy, her staff and her program.
  • The is the best daycare provider. She really cares about the kids and their families. She makes childcare fun.
  • My daughter has been with Bundle of Joy since she was 2, she’s 4 now, and honestly I cannot say enough good things about Crissy and her helpers. From potty training to preschool, Crissy has been kind and patient. They say it takes a village to raise a child, I am lucky to have Crissy and crew as part of mine.
  • Bundle of Joy is hands down the best child care center in Grays Harbor. Crissy and her staff are amazing! I feel like I’m leaving my child with family, and I have no doubt in my mind that she is safe and cared for. I reccomend Crissy to all of my friends looking for child care, but have to warn them they might not have any openings, they are that good!

Cadence Academy Preschool, Thurston County

Jocelyn has a special bond with our child. She is his best friend and they adore each other. He is well taken care of and loved and we are so thankful for her.

Catalina Palencia, Kitsap County
Lina Palencia

I have worked with Lina as her coach for the past 5 years. Throughout these years I have seen Lina challenge herself, learn and grow in so many ways. She attends in-person training’s, webinars and reflective practice groups in order to improve her practice. Lina is patient, kind and has a wonderful sense of humor. Every time I visit with her, she is making me, and the children laugh with her good nature and silliness. Lina enjoys the outdoors and nature and makes that a big part of her program. In the spring you can see her planting vegetables in the garden boxes with the children, visiting her fruit trees to learn about how apples grow or just being outside with the sand and water tables. The success of Lina’s childcare can be contributed to the work that she and her family put into it every day that is easily not seen. The early mornings and late nights planning curriculum, preparing healthy snacks and meals, and ensure materials/activities are set up. I proud to have Lina serve the children of Kitsap county and I am excited to see what the future for her holds.

Childtime Silverdale, Kitsap County
Annieka Longacre

She is an amazing teacher who always goes above and beyond for the children in her classroom.

Cradle to Crayons, Thurston County
Fiona and Michelle

Every provider our daughter has had is wonderful. They are so loving and patient with the kids. They have age appropriate expectations for what kids can emotionally handle. They plan fun engaging activities to help teach the kids about art and letters and how to recognize names. Also the center has great directors who care about the families they serve.

Country Fun Child Care, Clallam County
Marion Hedin

  • I am nominating Marion because she is great with my children. Such a kindhearted person who just loves children. She is a very hard worker and is very patient with my children. Marion deserves to be recognized for her dedication to child care.
  • Marion consistently provides a fun, nurturing environment for all of my special needs foster kiddos that can not be placed in a normal childcare facility. She caters to their specific needs and is always willing to take my new kiddos  at a moments notice if needed. Over the years Marion has cared for numerous little ones for our family and I greatly appreciate her.

Early Childhood Development Center, Clallam County
Susan Herbert

They go above and beyond to keep all safe and feel loved.

Emmanuel Lutheran Childcare Center, Kitsap County
Carverlynne Prothero – Center Director

  • I am nominating this center, for the amazing staff they hold. From center director, teachers, the cook, etc. They are a staff that is making the most of this time during COVID 19 and being open for these families in need. They have been making each day a different celebration to keep the kids engaged, and enjoying the most of their time while in care. From pajama day, to super hero day, they are doing their best to provide the emotional and physical support these kids needs daily.
  • This provider (Carmelin) and center always go above and beyond for my babies! They have helped me with ideas and have always shown passion and patience with all 3 of my kids that they provide for, especially my special needs 4-year-old. And with this craziness going on they have continued to serve out community!

Evergreen Campus Children’s Center, Thurston County

Kelly Pratt has a strong understanding of preschool children and their needs. She adapts to each child based on their personalities but provides clear structure and boundaries. Even during this time of closure, she provides structure, routine, and understanding to each of her students.

Foundations of Faith Children’s Academy, Thurston County
Anna Ross – Teacher and Rachelle Wesel – Director

My daughter has been with them since she was 3 months old, through all of her health issues they have been nothing but supportive and caring. My daughter loves going to school and I love knowing that I am leaving her is safe, capable hands.

Kingston Central Valley Childcare, Kitsap County

Miss Rachel is amazing. She’s kind and works very hard every day! My son loves her and talks about her on days he doesn’t see her. She is a great communicator and has my sons’ best interest in mind.

Sandbox Playschool, Thurston County

Polly Ceccanti is one of the most patient, kind, and thoughtful human beings I’ve ever met. She cares deeply about the social and emotional development of the kids in her care (all toddlers!) and fosters their relationships and interests by observing and truly getting to know each one of them individually. Her school is a magical place, and my kid lights up every time we drive up. The environment is beautiful, calming, and perfectly designed for the toddlers she serves. She arranges quarterly potlucks for the school’s families so they can develop relationships, posts in-depth stories with photos about what they’ve been doing at school, and meets with us regularly to talk about goals and hopes for our kids. She has gone above and beyond during this closure, taking the time to record story times so the kids still get to hear her read books, post ideas of activities for us to do at home, and arrange Zoom calls between the families so the kids get to see each other during social distancing. We love Polly and Sandbox Playschool so much, and she deserves so much recognition!

Sequim’s Little Explorers, Clallam County
Helana and Erin

  • My kids have been with them for over 3 years. They love going to daycare because all of the staff are so good to them. They’ve helped my kids learn so many things and they feed them very well. They’re good about accommodating my kids needs and communicating any issues. I never worry about them when they are there!
  • Their program encourages child development so no toddler is left behind with infant habits. We love that they constantly prepare kids for the next level of learning and the local Kindergarten classes are lucky to receive kids from SLE.
  • She’s amazing!
  • I am nominating Sequim’s Little Explorers because they always go above and beyond for my child care needs. They strive to teach our little ones the most in every way possible. They make the environment a fun, caring, and very educational. They make home cooked meals for the little ones that are very nutritious! They’ve taught my daughter so many things along this journey and have always taken such great care of her! They potty trained her for me! I love these gals and truly believe they deserve to be nominated!
  • These ladies are amazing! Our family has been with them since they opened and they’re like an extension of our family. Helana and Erin work their butts off every day, they truly care about the kids and who they hire. They involve the parents and the community because they know it takes a village. Hands down, Little Explorers is what every child Care center/provider should strive to be.
  • This has been the most wonderful childcare I’ve ever worked at! My directors go above and beyond to show their appreciation for their staff and the families they serve. SLE is such a wonderful nature and play based early learning center. I cannot rave enough about this place!

Squaxin Island Child Development Center, Mason County
All Staff

We are a unique team at Squaxin Island child Development Center (SICDC)! I have had the privilege of watching this team grow and bound for almost two years now.  This past year has been bumpy our journey has been full of surprises, times of uncertainty, and emotional moments. Through it all we have keep our entire team, they have worked together to find solutions, and they loved a little bit stronger.  The love for their career, our kiddos, our families, and their love for each other grew. Together we are discovering new paths, taking on new challenges, and growing.

Even now in the middle of COVID-19 I could not be prouder! I could not ask for a better team! From Outdoor Preschool to daily lessons being currently taught on Facebook, this team has pushed forward every day. In these current times, from supplies to parenting advice they found a way to support each other.  Their dedication, creativity, and resilience impress me daily.

To our SICDC team THANK YOU! You recognize that we are all interconnected and that together we are stronger.  You know that being different and have differences it what makes a team stronger. Even on our roughest days’ you guys are willing to self-reflect, learn, and improve. You have defiantly helped me grow and taught me a few things…LOL, no really more than you will ever know!  I have seen you step out of every comfort zone you have ever had for our program. That shows me Early Learning is in your heart or program is in your heart! What makes a great teacher and a great program is heart, we can work on all the rest! Thank you for having the biggest hearts! Thank you for being my team! What makes us unique is our heart! I admire and love every one of you!

Susie’s Daycare, Thurston County
Susan Shivel

Susie goes above and beyond to care for every child in her daycare. She is reliable and consistent. Susie is the best educator, in both life skills and school readiness. As a parent, I feel blessed to have her taking care of my kids while I work. My kids love her and look forward to every day spent at her daycare.

Sunflower Daycare, Mason County
Kim Boykin

Kim has taken care of all three of my babies! She immerses herself in her business of caring! She does so many things above and beyond her duties and responsibilities,  and I could not have found a person who cares more for all her kids! Thank you for all you do Teacher Kim!!

Sylvan Way Christian Childcare and Preschool, Kitsap County
Heather, Kim, Lynn & Stefany

  • Because they do an excellent job providing care for all people’s needs.
  • They are thoughtful, courteous and very loving.
  • They have been a pillar in our community for many years! Every employee is warm, caring, and compassionate towards all families.
  • Heather is aware of staff and parents needs and does her best, beyond her “job requirements ” to make sure those needs are met. Children aren’t just cared for they are her way of life on campus and outside. She meets with parents and staff to keep herself connected and to reassure them that she cares! She’s an outstanding representative of a loving childcare provider.
  • Lynn is consistent with her routines, love and care for the children.  She takes her job seriously. She is loyal, dependable, on time and has awesome work ethic.  I am so proud to have her on my team.
  • Stefany is a hard worker and has been here faithfully through all that has been happening.  Stefany is humble, loyal, dependable and follows through with direction. She is open to learning and improving her class. She is awesome and I am so happy to have her on my team.
  • They are so awesome and always clean and friendly!
  • I nominate Sylvan Way Christian Center because I believe in its mission/vision which is to assist families in nurturing and teaching children by integrating Christian values in academic and socio-cultural aspects of learning environment. SWCC also provides quality childcare by well-trained and experienced professionals who consistently love, care, teach and nurture the young learners entrusted to their care. The total physical environment of the center is very conducive to learning. The classrooms are clean and organized. Foods that are served are healthy and nutritious for the kids. The programs and activities are supervised and planned according to age group in order to meet the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of the growing child. It follows a creative model of instruction using a theme-based curriculum every week. In addition, SWCC have implemented a system to track each child’s progress as well.
  • For the last 1.5 years, Heather has worked minimum 12-hour days as the Director as well as the Administrator for both the Childcare Center and the Preschool. She took a major pay cut, just as the Director. Through much adversity getting the program up to a Category 3 and now with the global pandemic, she has walked by Faith. Staff attendance is a skeleton crew and often call out due to fear, yet she is always there to comfort and bring calmness to this ministry. Sylvan Way is a safe haven for the children and the parents alike, entrusted by essential personnel so they can focus and perform their best to keep us safe on a daily basis.
  • They are amazing! I truly trust them to care and support my little one while I am at work.
  • The love and dedication of the employees and staff is amazing.

The Toy Room, Grays Harbor County
Brandi Gunter

  • Brandi has made our daycare experience beyond amazing! She has created such a special bond with our son and we can’t imagine having anyone else take care of him
  • My daughter was only one when she started at childcare late last year and she was very nervous to be around new people. Both the owner and employee were so helpful during this transition. We had some bad luck last year with a center so I was also very anxious.  They were helpful in putting my mind at ease.  My daughter is now excited when we pull up. They always have fun holiday events for the kids.  They also have a great variety in toys and learning activities.
  • Brandi goes over and beyond to work with us. Some days I have to be at work at 6am, and she opens early to make sure I get to work on time. She’s amazing and my kids absolutely adore her!
  • I am nominating Brandi for many reasons! I’ll list a couple of them. She is absolutely amazing with the kids! She’s very patient and understanding with them. My son just loves to go to daycare since we started going to this daycare last year.
  • Because my granddaughter goes there, and she loves it. It’s a great place for children.
  • Brandi is my grandson’s daycare provider and has been for more than six years. My grandson is a delight but he is also a special needs child and so he sometimes requires extra attention or a specific kind of attention. Brandi has provided invaluable care and there are so many times she has gone above and beyond what is required, in order for him to have an optimal experience. He loves going to daycare and it is rare that he would not want to go. He struggles with the structure at school at times but follows the daycare structure much more easily.
  • Brandi runs an AMAZING daycare and takes care of my child like her own. She is safe, fun, healthy, and truly works in passion.
  • She takes excellent care of my great grandson.
  • Best provider my girls have ever had, meaning the most loving, compassionate, reliable, safe, and fun childcare ever!
  • Because she’s the best at what she does!
  • Brandi is the most caring person I have known. My granddaughter went there thru elementary school and she absolutely loved it. Brandi is always providing new and fun things for the kids to do. Not only was my granddaughter HAPPY there, I felt very comfortable & secure knowing she would be taken care of while I was at work. To this day Brandi still is our friend and makes sure she says hi and asks how my granddaughter is doing. She is just AMAZING!
  • Brandi has a positive impact on children. She has a warm, caring relationship with each child and observes the child’s interest, abilities, skills and their needs. She deserves accolades!
  • Brandi is amazing! She treats each child as her own.
  • My grandson was 6 months old when he started going to Brandi. He left when his family moved out of the area when he was 8. He loves Brandi and visits her often when in town. She is awesome with the kids.
  • My kids loved going there when they were younger!  Brandi does a lot of extra activities with the kids and treats them all like they are hers!  She truly cares about the children she cares for.
  • Awesome people with some of the biggest hearts for their kids! Always making things a fun time!