Art Project: Tape Resist Painting for Kids!

Start with a blank canvas and give your child a choice of tape to place on the canvas. Use primary color paint for the first layer and help your child explore how mixing colors together create different colors. Allow the first layer to dry and then remove the tape.

For the second layer, have your child add more tape and then paint with pastel colors. Your child will be eager to see the new possibilities of mixing these colors together! Let the new paint dry and remove the tape. The result will be an abstract painting of negative space and overlapping layers.

Embellish with images and use different colored tape highlighted the negative spaces.

Your child will learn about color mixing, negative space, abstraction, small motor skills through tearing tape and painting, as well as patience, and following directions.

This is one of the many art projects that are done during Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Groups. We have multiple groups in Thurston, Mason, and Grays Harbor Counties — join us today! More information about our Play Groups.