Caring Kids in Action!

Our Caring Kids teamed up with the City of Olympia Parks & Rec Department to plant over 100 native trees and plants at Priest Point Park this morning. It was a cold morning, but everyone was quickly warmed up as they tried to break through the hard ground to dig the holes for the plants. Lots of worms were found and even a couple snails!

Kids ranged in age from 1 to 12, and everyone learned much from their volunteer experience. Our younger kids learned some early math by digging the holes deeper and wider. They also used large motor skills to dig holes and move dirt over their newly planted bushes. The older kids also learned how to properly plant the native trees, creating a hole that is three times as wide and just as deep as the plant in the pot. Then they created a “donut” of mulch around each plant to help keep in the moisture when summer rolls around. They even learned some of the native plant names that they were planting!

Thank you to the Olympia Parks and Recreation staff for helping make this volunteer day possible!

If you would like to volunteer as a family, check out our Caring Kids page and see the upcoming volunteer projects.