Caterpillar Activity

Need a Kids Activity? Try this Caterpillar Craft!

For ages 2-5+ years old

Spring is here and each year the Kaleidoscope Play & Learn groups eagerly anticipate the Butterfly Unit. Because our groups had to put off meeting in person due to stay at home orders, our group members have been receiving kits to do this activity at home to continue providing early learning opportunities for their children. We wanted to share this activity so you can do it at home as well and start learning about the butterfly life-cycle.

If your child chooses to not make the final product of the caterpillar, please know this is OK too! Most of the learning takes place as you engage with your child and talk with them about the colors and textures you see while exploring the materials, feel free to make your own art with the following supplies. Introduce them to new vocabulary as you are creating and discuss how caterpillars need to eat a lot to prepare themselves for their chrysalis, which they will be in during metamorphosis. Eating their greens helps them grow up! Just like our little ones. The following is just a guide you can use.

What you need

  • Construction paper
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Googly eyes, stickers
  • Pom Poms
  • Adhesive such as school glue
  • Scissors


1. Create a “branch” for your caterpillar to sit on, cut out a rectangle of brown construction paper and roll it up to look like a toilet paper roll, secure with tape or glue. You can of course use a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll if you have one handy! You may also cut out green paper leaves and glue them onto your branch. A tasty snack for your caterpillar! You can create small holes on your leaves to make it look like they have been munched on by your little caterpillar.
(A real branch and leaves from outside works well if you have tacky glue or strong holding glue.)

2. Next, grab your pom poms and start making your caterpillars. You can create all solid caterpillars, but you can create patterns by mixing up the colors too! Glue your pom poms side by side, or directly on the branch side by side. Allow to dry completely.

3. Now stick 2 googly eyes onto the front, top of your first pom pom.

4. Now glue your caterpillar craft onto your branch and allow to dry if you did not directly build your caterpillar on the branch.

5. Enjoy your adorable pom pom caterpillar and please post your creations in the comments section if you do this craft!