Getting Help & Giving Back

Your support of Child Care Action Council makes a big impact on families in our community and it’s through their stories we see how important you are to making that happen. We love the story of Malcolm, a dauntless and active four-year-old with big ambitions. “His goal is to work a different job each day of the week, starting as a chef on Monday, then a landscaper, a gardener, a firefighter, a drummer, and a doctor, before resting on Saturday and Sunday,” says his mother Malyssah, while taking a brief moment of personal time while Malcolm is at school.

Malyssah pauses for a moment. “He is just so bright. I don’t mean to brag but he is beyond ready for kindergarten. He’s learned so much in the last couple years”. Malcolm and Malyssah have come a long way since joining CCAC’s Kaleidoscope Play and Learn groups more than two years ago, when they needed quality support options. “When Malcolm was a baby, we went to breastfeeding and mom support groups, and they were amazing. But the only problem was, once Malcolm turned one, they said, ‘goodbye!’, and we were on our own. And that’s when my postpartum depression set in.” Malyssah speaks with infectious laughter, but beneath her good-humored tone is a serious discussion about a crisis in her life. “You have your kid, and everyone wants to be there to kiss, hold and feed the baby, but once Malcolm got older, the honeymoon was over.”

“Then I found Kaleidoscope Play & Learn, and it was a life saver. I don’t want to say I had nowhere to turn, but I was so relieved to have a reliable and free option where Malcolm could play and make friends with other kids, and I could be connected to other adults.” Malyssah sips her coffee and gives a relaxed sigh.

“Of course, I still needed to get out and I wanted to volunteer so Malcolm could learn to start giving back rather than getting everything. That’s when I connected with CCAC’s Caring Kids family volunteer program. At the Capitol Land Trust conservation project, my husband got to come along, and it was so nice to spend time together as a family. Now Malcolm always looks for trash. I’m not kidding… his little heart almost broke when we didn’t have a bag to clean up trash at the beach,” She said with a proud smile. “Caring Kids has been so helpful for teaching Malcolm to leave the world a better place. I think our community will be better for it. It’s the first step in a life journey in caring for the world.”

Raising children is a crucial job, and families like Malyssah and Malcolm are blessed to have your support through the good times and the bad. Your actions and generous spirit gives kids the equitable access to education that they deserve. Thank you for being there for kids like Malcolm and join us in wishing him the best as he grows up.