How to Make Felted Soap: Activity for Kids

This week, our playgroup families created felted soap with our Raising A Reader coordinator! This is a fun and simple project that young kids can do with guidance. Plus, felted soaps make great gifts. Our playgroup families will be making lots more felted soaps for our annual Kids Art Show at Spring Arts Walk 2019!

To make your own, you will need:

  • Pressed wool felt strips.
  • Dish soap, as needed.
  • Large bowl (big enough to dip bar soap into.)
  • Soap bars (hard, oil based soaps work best.)
  • Nylon socks.
  • Warm and cold water. 

Time: about 25 minutes, or more depending on the number of bars of soap.


  • Gently pull apart felt strips into 12 to 15 inch long strips, about an inch wide. Use multiple colors for a more vibrant look. Cut the foot end of nylon hose long enough to fit over the bar of soap, with room to tie the end.
  • Starting at one end, wrap felt strip around the soap bar, making sure to cover the entire bar, including the ends. Get creative and make patterns or designs with your felt pieces.
  • Next place felt-covered soap into nylon sock and tighten snugly.
  • Place into warm water, remove, and rub together between hands. Continue switching between cool and warm water and rubbing the soap in your hands (this is the wet felting process.) Add a small amount of dish soap to help form more suds if needed.
  • After about 10-15 minutes, remove felted soap slowly from the nylon. Allow to dry for one or two days.

Your child will enjoy a fun multi-sensory experience while learning how to follow simple one and two-step directions. This project also helps develop fine-motor skills and encourages scientific curiosity and experimenting. Kids love to learn by doing!