Provider Spotlight: Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith Shares her Early Achievers Story:

Before Early Achievers, I had little outside activities for the children other than the standard balls, trikes, wagons, and a small sandbox. By connecting with other providers, obtaining an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, and doing research for ways to improve my outdoor space — the play area has been transformed. 

The changes I have put into the outside play area have enhanced the children’s interests in various ways of exploring gross motor movements. The children enjoy being outside for longer periods of time and rarely want to go inside. The garden provides multiple ways to learn about science: plant life, insects, where food comes from, responsibility in caring for something, as well as exploring new tastes, smells, and textures. The music wall allows children to explore different ways of making sounds. I also use it to show them how to make music patterns. Our new playhouse will allow children a place to pretend and practice dramatic play. We also have a construction area with milk crates and wood pieces.
Recently we added a picnic table which allows us to do more activities outdoors such as reading and art. The children enjoy having more options to choose from! I believe the children have gained more self confidence while playing outside because there are more options to challenge themselves.