Building through Play

Happening now!

Each week, check in and see all the great kids videos that our Playful Partners have created for the Building through Play online event! These videos are wonderful for kids who need fun things to do while at home this summer — plus, they will learn as they play! Plus, by completing the activity done in the video and sharing a picture of it, you will be entered into a drawing for great prizes including the grand prize of $150 gift card!

Make Tasty Caterpillar Fruit Snacks!

Enjoy story time and then learn how to make a yummy, healthy snack. You just need fruit and your imagination! We recommend grapes, bananas, berries, and peanut butter but you can use all sorts of stuff! Here are some other fun ‘caterpillar snack’ ideas:

Family Support Center of South Sound, founded in 1992, works to build strong, healthy, hopeful families through collaborative programs in an effort to reduce the negative impacts of poverty, homelessness, and family violence. Family Support Center believes in “Working Together to Strengthen All Families”, and we serve as a ‘one stop shop’ for families and survivors in need, inviting community partners to join us onsite as well as offering six programs of our own.

Their Parent and Child Education, hosts a weekly breast/chest feeding support group and monthly, FREE Power Parenting workshops that cover everything from screen-time to dealing with kids during Covid-19. Both are now available virtually! Contact to learn more. They regularly distribute basic supplies like food, hygiene supplies, and diapers to families in need. To see a list of our current needs, contact or visit

Learn more abou the Family Support Center

Sailboat Race

Join Westport Aquarium staff as they challenge kids to make and race their very own handmade boats from items they find at home. If you need some inspiration on craft boat ideas check out this site: Then test out your design!

A huge thank you to Playful Partner Sponsor -- Westport Aquarium -- for making this fun video! Westport Aquarium is open for you to enjoy displays of fish from the local Pacific waters, touch tanks, hands-on interpretive exhibits, and much more! Open five days a week, (Thursday through Monday, 11am – 4pm), visit them at 321 East Harbor in Westport, Washington.

Learn more about Westport Aquarium

Walk N Roll Scavenger Hunt

T-Rex “stopped by” our Building through Play event to bring us the Walk N Roll Scavenger Hunt. This activity is a fun way to explore your neighborhood, get some exercise and practice pedestrian and bicycle safety skills. Download the Scavenger Hunt sheet here:

A huge thank you to Playful Partner Sponsor -- Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll program -- for making this fun video! Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll program educates and encourages youth to walk, bike and ride transit for transportation. Visit Intercity Transit’s YouTube ( for more T-Rex videos. For more Walk N Roll activities, follow them on Facebook & Instagram at @walknrollit.

Learn more about the Walk N Roll program

Wind Powered Cars

Make wind powered cars with Puget Sound Energy and Miss Grays Harbor! What you will need: cardboard, paper, straws or penne pasta, life savers (or something that can roll), cake pop sticks (or some type of rod), hot glue gun (parents please help with this step!), markers/stickers to decorate, and fan to race your car!

A huge thank you to Playful Partner Sponsor & #powerfulpartner, Puget Sound Energy, for making this great kids video! Child Care Action Council is proud to be selected as a PSE powerful partner. As a powerful partner, CCAC and PSE work together to educate our families, employees, and supporters on ways to save energy and money on their bills, as well as safety and emergency preparedness.

Learn more about PSE

Science Experiments

Join Dr. Science as he explores Ghost Water at the Hands On Children’s Museum. After you watch the video, be like Dr. Science and do your very own science experiment of your choice (Need some inspiration? Check out this link for 50 easy experiments you can do with your child at home:

A huge thank you to Playful Partner Sponsors, Hands On Children’s Museum, for making this great kids video! The Hands On Children’s Museum is now open for daily visitation. Mask up and join us for safe play! Capacity limited to 35 families per 2-hour playtime. Online reservations required. More info:

Learn more about the Hands On Children's Museum

Make your Shark Fin Hat!

This fun kids activity created by the Puget Sound Estuarium has a Naturalist show you how to make a shark fin hat while also giving fun facts about sharks! To follow along you’ll need: construction paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

A huge thank you to Playful Partner Sponsor, Puget Sound Estuarium, for making this great kids video! And be sure to visit the Estuarium this summer and explore exhibits featuring an amazing diversity of animals from intertidal and subtidal environments in South Puget Sound. Their animals include sea stars, anemone, shellfish, crabs and more!

Learn more about Puget Sound Estuarium

Make your own Bunny Puppet!

Our next Building through Play kids activity video comes from South Sound Reading Foundation and was inspired by the book ``Five Little Bunnies Hopping on a Hill`` by Steve Metzger. So cuddle up with your child and read the book, and then follow along with this craft video to make your own bunny puppets.

A huge thank you to Playful Partner Sponsors, South Sound Reading Foundation, for making this great kids video! All throughout the summer, they are distributing free book packages for entire families. Learn how to sign-up for your own book package here:

Learn more about South Sound Reading Foundation

Make your own Obstacle Course

South Sound Parent to Parent created this video to show how you can make a simple obstacle course in your home to build motor skills in toddlers.

The mission of South Sound Parent to Parent is that all families caring for someone with special needs will receive the support and resources they need to feel empowered, encouraged, and supported. Even though they are temporarily closed our office to the public during the current pandemic, they never stopped working and began virtual services without skipping a beat! This not only includes all Early Intervention services and Helping Parent Program support groups and activities but newly added events, activities and support groups as well! Since March, they have added a YouTube channel, A Grays Harbor Virtual support group, an “Ask Jim” video series and a weekly virtual parent & toddler group! They also provided a virtual training on the topic of success during challenging behaviors and a DDA Town Hall with private chat rooms available to assist families with filling out benefit packets. Check out all their programs and upcoming events here:

Learn more about South Sound Parent to Parent

Create Process Art

Create PROCESS ART by using different combinations of paper, painting tools, and paint. What is PROCESS ART, you might ask? It’s art that is focused on the experience and on exploration of techniques, tools, and materials. There is no right or wrong way for your child to explore or create – let the experience be entirely up to your child and let them choose the materials and tools they would like to use!

While your child is creating their artwork, spend time with them and sit alongside them observing their artwork. You can even create your own masterpiece alongside of them as well! Ask them questions about what they are doing and talk about the new tools, colors, shapes, and textures that they see. This could include:
Oh, what shape does that block make?
When these two colors mix together, what new color do you see?
Did you feel this paint with your fingers, what do you think it feels like?
Plus, if you have multiple children using the materials at one time, they are learning collaboration and great social skills. Check out our list of painting tools here:

Learn more about Process Art

Finding Shapes in Nature

Capitol Land Trust and South Sound GREEN teamed up to bring you Shapes in Nature, an outdoor activity that challenges you to find different shapes outside. This activity was filmed at Capitol Land Trust’s Randall Preserve, but you can find shapes in any outdoor space! Download your shapes in nature activity sheet.

Learn more about CLT’s walking trails here: Find more activities from South Sound GREEN here:

Learn more about Capitol Land Trust

Helping out the Food Bank: Family Volunteer Project

Work together with your child and go through your pantry to select a few canned good items that you are able to donate. Tell them that your family is able to provide your child with everything you need and now we can share with others who are hungry. Then bring your canned good items to one of the locations listed below (please remember to wear your mask and stay six-feet or more away from people).
Learn more about Caring Kids

Make Faux Stained Glass

Create your own faux stained glass masterpiece with items you can find in your own home! This is a great art project for children 1-5 years old and gives you a chance to talk about shapes, colors, and what happens when you mix colors.

All you need are:
A clear container lid
Sewing thread
Items that are opaque (the light shines through them) such as:
Glue/glitter glue
Tissue paper

Learn more about Kaliedoscope Play & Learn groups

Make a Rubber Band Band

make music with things you find around the house. Great ways to make your rubber band band, is to use a bowl or a cup and some rubber bands. Then watch this video made by Chris from the Timberland Regional Library and learn new words like Acoustics, Amplified, Low Tones, and High Tones.

A huge thank you to Timberland Regional Library, one of our Playful Partner Sponsors of Building through Play kids activities, for making this great kids video!

This summer Timberland Regional Library is offering their Summer Library program online this year with something for the whole family including story times and STEM activities. Connect to their virtual activities here:

Learn more about Timberland Regional Library