Safe Kids Thurston County is led by Child Care Action Council with Support from Thurston County Medic One.

Interested in making a temporary (“Pop Up”) traffic garden in your neighborhood? Or have you visited one of Thurston County’s traffic gardens (after schools hours only, please!) and dream of making another location a reality? Here’s where to start:

Traffic Gardens in Washington! A Toolkit for Permanent and Pop Up Traffic Gardens

Margaret McKenny Elementary

Mountain View Elementary

November is the perfect month to brush up on your Fire Safety Skills!

Check out these Top Tips:

1. Check smoke alarms. Make sure there is a working smoke alarm on every level of your home, inside bedrooms and near sleeping areas. Test smoke alarms every month and replace them every 10 years or when the battery is low.

2. Create and practice a fire escape plan. Create a home fire escape plan with two ways out of every room. Choose a place to meet outside that is a safe distance away from your home.

3. Practice a home fire drill at least twice a year. Practice a home fire drill with your family during the day and at night. Practice escaping in under two minutes. Sometimes that is all the time you will have to get out of the house safely.

4. If there is a fire, leave home immediately. If there is a lot of smoke, get low and crawl out of the house as quickly as possible. Call 911 after you are a safe distance away from your home.

What it is:

Safe Kids Thurston County, as a part of the Safe Kids Worldwide global nonprofit organization founded in 1988 by Children’s National Medical Center, mission is to prevent unintentional childhood injury, a leading cause of death and disability for children ages one to 19 years.

The Problem:

Unintentional childhood injury, a leading cause of death and disability for children ages one to 19 years – represent nearly 40 percent of all deaths in this age group.  These injuries claim the lives of 25 children every day – over 1 per hour. 

The Solution:

Safe Kids Thurston County brings together health and safety experts, educators, corporations, foundations, governments and volunteers to educate and protect families.  Since its founding, Safe Kids Worldwide has contributed to a 55% reduction in U.S. child fatality rates from unintentional injury. 

Free Monthly Child Car Seat Safety Inspections: Lacey Fire Department (1231 Franz St. SE Lacey 98503)  3rd Tuesday of each Month from 11 am to 1 pm 

Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle helmets are among the least expensive, most effective safety devices. Safe Kids Thurston County sells low cost helmets at many community events throughout the year, and through medical clinics such as ABC Pediatrics, South Sound Pediatrics, Tumwater Family Practice Clinic, and NW Pediatric clinics to patients during well child visits.

Water Safety

Boating, swimming, fishing and all water sports are very popular. Safe Kids Thurston County works to prevent water related injuries by providing life jack loaner stations throughout the county. Find Life Jacket Loaner Board locations.

Child Pedestrian Safety

Promoting safe behavior among motorists and children is necessary to create safer, more walkable communities, and to prevent pedestrian–related injuries to children. Want to help make your school zone walking route safe? Click for child pedestrian safety information. 

Find Out More:

To inquire about child safety seats, bicycle helmets, life jackets or other safety programs, information, or supplies, contact Danielle at 360-522-3108 or visit Safe Kids Thurston County’s website:

Safe Kids USA has even more tips and information on safety broken out by age and subject. Read More:

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