Swim into Summer Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Throughout the month of July 2021, we will host a virtual scavenger hunt to help you and your kids stay safe all summer-long. The activities will be fun and easy to do from your home and neighborhood plus there are prizes for participation! Check back here in June for more information.

If you are a local business and would like to sponsor Swim into Summer activities to help keep our kids and community safe from unintentional injuries, contact danielle.king@ccacwa.org

Water Watchers

Join Safety Sam as he shows us how adults have an important role to play in water safety. When children are swimming and there are several adults present, make sure kids are actively supervised at all times by choosing a Water Watcher. A Water Watcher is a responsible adult who agrees to watch the kids in the water without distractions and wear a Water Watcher card. After a certain amount of time (such as 15-minutes), the Water Watcher card is passed to another adult, who is responsible for the active supervision. Download your Water Watcher card here: https://bit.ly/2Nx0D36

Bicycle Safety

Thank you Olympia Police Department for teaching us about bicycle safety! They ask you to remember that when crossing a crosswalk with your bicycle, you dismount before entering the cross walk and walk all the way across the street.

Water Safety & Life Jackets

Thank you McLane Black Lake Fire Department for your video on the importance of wearing your life jacket and wearing it correctly:  Here are three tips on how to fit your life jackets:

  1. Check the label: It should be the right size and US Coast Guard approved.
  2. Clip all buckles and zippers
  3. Check the fit: Snug but not tight

Calming Breaths for Kids

Take a couple moments for some calming breath exercises. These past months have been a very stressful time and deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. Check out a couple tips on how to help your child practice the calming breath at home.

Bike Helmet Fit Test

Thanks to one of our Junior volunteers from Child Care Action Council’s Safe Kids program, learn how to properly fit a bike helmet for your child by following the three steps: 

  1. Step 1: Eyes
    The helmet should be no more than 2 fingers above the eyes.
  2. Step 2: Ears
    Straps should make a “V” under the ears.
  3. Step 3: Mouth
    Make sure the helmet is snug when mouth is open.

Safe Kids Wear Life Jackets

Join “Lewis the Tree Frog” and his friends at the Washington State Parks Boating Program, to learn tips on how to stay safe while on the water! Here are three tips on how to fit your life jackets

  1. Check the label: It should be the right size and US Coast Guard approved.
  2. Clip all buckles and zippers
  3. Check the fit: Snug but not tight

Home Safety

Thank you to our safety partners at Puget Sound Energy for this safety video. Join “Safesquatch” as your kids learn two home safety tips: what to do if you detect gas and where not to plant trees!

Avoiding Distracted Driving

Parent’s this video is for you! Check how to avoid distracted driving, with tips from Target Zero.

Pedestrian Safety

Join T-Rex from Intercity Transit’s Walk N Roll program as they learn pedestrian safety! 

Kick Off to a Safe Summer!

Thank you to our Puget Sound Energy Powerful Partnership for making this event possible in our community. The Swim into Summer VIRTUAL Safety Fair is brought to you by Safe Kids Thurston County, a program of Child Care Action Council.